Web Development


I got my start in web application development in 1998 with fully custom builds for organizations such as Shad International, Clean North, and Forest Genetics Ontario.  In the early 2000s, I applied that experience to the development of a major internal web application at Sutherland Global Services.

Over the years, I’ve moved out of the technology field and in to management, but recently reignited my passion for the technology when Velorution presented me with an interesting challenge.  They wanted a web site that would keep up with their social media presence and not require a great deal of updating the website itself.  My IT background lead me to create a platform where I could type no more than two commands and restore the entire software stack and web site on a brand new machine and restore the latest backup.  That’s a platform that I can deploy for your business as well.  You, too, should have an easy way to create content and you, too, should have a quick and easy disaster recovery process.

I would love to discuss how I can improve your web footprint or even create a whole new presence for your new business from scratch, please contact me through my web site.