Trails on Garmin Base Map

2020-05-30 dbrosemer 0

I created a project that outputs a trails map to overlay on the base map on Garmin Edge/Fenix/eTrex/etc.  Being as I live in Sault Ste Marie, ON, I’ve loaded it up with many of my local trails.  Currently it contains:

  1. All the OSFC Snowmachine trails
  2. All the Voyageur hiking trails
  3. All the Sault Finish Nordic
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DIY Ultra-Fast Chain

2017-04-18 dbrosemer 0

Before selling his company to CeramicSpeed, Friction Facts founder Jason Smith told the world how to make his ultra-fast chain which is claimed to save 5W for the first 350km of its life, after which it performs like any ordinary chain.  His reasoning for releasing the information was that he was in the testing business … (read more…)

Daniel Brosemer before riding over the Golden Gate bridge

Building a Better Sport Drink

2016-10-05 dbrosemer 0

If you want to skip all the science and the explanation of how I came to the formulation, you can download an excel spreadsheet that helps you create a recipe for this sport drink.

I was initially motivated by convenience. I cycle long distances. When out for a long ride, Fondo, or the like, being … (read more…)

Docker stock image

WordPress on Docker

2016-10-05 dbrosemer 0


Latest: wpdocker-3.1.0.tar.gz
SHA256: 925d6634155e37245629fa1eb75ed3631c8b2069b39db545590721d8ac3fb4a1

Why Do This?

Web applications are messes of dependencies. WordPress is no exception. When you install such an application directly on a host system, it fills up the corners. You end up with applications and libraries installed that you’d never use for anything else, configuration files in various spots on … (read more…)