Cycling Coach

Michigan Mountain Mayhem 2015 Spring Classic

I’ve taken a data-driven approach to cycling since the day I first turned the crank over on my road bike and I’ll apply that same philosophy to making you faster.  My biggest coaching influences are the likes of Joe Friel, Hunter Allan, Andrew Coggan, and Chad Timmerman.  You can expect from me that the principles of periodization, specificity, and quantification will factor greatly.


I use GoldenCheetah to manage my athletes’ data.  This allows me to manage multiple athletes and synchronize data with your recording devices.  The charting tools allow me to determine whether you’re completing the workouts correctly, if you assess your abilities appropriately, and even whether you’re just having a good or a bad day.

GoldenCheetah not only allows us to analyze your rides out on the open road, the trails, and the indoor trainer, but it also can structure your indoor workouts.  If you have a smart trainer, it can even lock you in to the correct power zone so there’s no escape even when you get tired!


I require my athletes to record power for most of their rides.  Power data can come from a power meter out on the road or the trails.  It can be recorded by an indoor trainer.  It can even be estimated by using an indoor trainer and a speed sensor.  Whatever method you use, we’ll need that data for most of your rides so that we can tailor workouts to address your limiters, build on your strengths, and scale the difficulty appropriately.  Ideally, you will use the same power collection device everywhere you ride, but we can work with a variety of devices if you call out what you’re using in your workout notes.

kickrIndoor Training

I’m a huge believer in indoor training.  We saw Mathew Hayman win Paris Roubaix this year (2016) after spending a month and a half with a broken wrist, only riding indoors.  The indoor trainer allows us to structure a workout and stick to it with far more precision than outdoors.  That means we can achieve the same improvement to our fitness in much-reduced time.  Given that we all have limits on the amount of time we can spend training, this is a game-changer.


A giant part of our fitness comes from how we fuel our bodies.  Bad fuel in our tanks will make our engine burn poorly.  In addition to quality fuel, we’ll also explore timing so we can train the body to run more aerobically, saving its glycogen stores for when you really need it.  We’ll also keep an eye to the improvements you’re making in terms of power to weight ratio, not just raw power.  This is a critical piece of your fitness any time the grade picks up.

Contact Me

If you would like to set up a consultation, please contact me via this website.  I offer a range of services from sitting down with you and building a customized training plan to weekly interaction where I review your progress and change your plan week-to-week based on the curve balls life throws at you.