Trails on Garmin Base Map

I created a project that outputs a trails map to overlay on the base map on Garmin Edge/Fenix/eTrex/etc.  Being as I live in Sault Ste Marie, ON, I’ve loaded it up with many of my local trails.  Currently it contains:

  1. All the OSFC Snowmachine trails
  2. All the Voyageur hiking trails
  3. All the Sault Finish Nordic Ski trails at Hiawatha
  4. All the Sault Cycling Club MTB trails at Hiawatha
  5. Most of the Ski trails at Stokely Creek
  6. Most of the MTB singletrack at Stokely Creek
  7. Some disused logging roads I found near Red Rock
  8. Some of the Farmer Lake trail system
  9. The singletrack at Finn Hill and the Sault College woodlot
  10. The fatbike trails at Crimson ridge
  11. The snowshoe/fatbike trails at Fort Creek


  1. Finish the Stokely system
  2. Classify seasons that routes are passable
  3. Classify seasons that routes are permitted
  4. Classify types of vehicle that are permitted on routes

Download “SSMTrails Garmin Map”

gmapsupp-1.0.4.img – Downloaded 274 times – 288.50 KB

Or clone the project over on gitlab.